The Beginning of Shillows

Shillows Was Founded By A Young Entrepreneur Named Adrian Marrero. The Shillows Design

Adrian Came Home One Day Exhausted From Work,
After Finally Reaching His Bed He Realized His Pillow Was On The Floor,
With His Dog Rocky Sleeping On Top Of It.
He Quickly Began To Brainstorm, And After A Few Minutes,
The Idea Of Sewing A Pillow Cover To The Bed Sheet Struck Him.
The Next Day With The Help Of His Grandma,
He Designed A Satin Pillow Cover Combined To A Gentle Microfiber Fitted Sheet.
Pillow Inserts Were Created On Each Side Of The Sheet With Unique Pockets,
To Slide In Your Pillows Effortlessly.
Finally, After 2 Hard Working Years Of Testing And Perfecting, Shillows Came To Life!

The Shillows Design

White Shillows 2 in 1 sheet


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